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Updated: Nov. 9, 2017

Baranovsky Family, Exodus from Russia

I have completed and am seeking publication on a novel I wrote in collaboration with Moisey Gorbaty called Flow of Life. The novel is Part One of a four-part saga called Baranovsky Family, Exodus from Russia, which brings to life the story of a Jewish family that lives through the era of the Soviet Union and then immigrates to Los Angeles. It dramatizes the suffering and triumphs of hundreds of thousands of Jews who left the Soviet Union in the late 1980s. 

Through the charming and poignant story of an industrious musician who becomes rich and famous in the Soviet Union, this story shows what it’s like trying to excel in a different system, and illustrates the power of music to change the world.

Part Two, Power of Music is in its editing phase. Parts Three and Four are researched, outlined and ready to be written.  

In connection with this project, I can now read, write, touch type and am conversational in Russian.

I am also studying piano. 

Moisey Gorbaty, who graduated from the Moldovan Conservatory of Music, has written 12 songs for the score to the at least four movies that could be made from this saga.  To view videos of these songs, go to YouTube and search for "Moisey Gorbaty." 

High Time

In 2009, I wrote a play called High Time, about the battle to legalize medical marijuana.  This is the second play I have co-written with William Dolphin.  The play is based on the true story of an activist who was growing medical marijuana under California law when the federal government busted him and made a show trial of his efforts to help the sick and dying.  

We have also adapted High Time into a screenplay.

Check out William Dolphin's website:  www.williamdolphin.com

Out Late

Out Late has been adapted into a screenplay.  

Neela Vaswani, Ph.D. used Out Late as a text to spur discussion during the sexuality segment of his "American Literature as Cultural Studies" course at Knox College in Indiana (spring term 2009) .  

* * *

"In 1962 we had the Cuban Missile Crisis and we lost Marilyn Monroe... but, we gained an important playwright, Tim Turner."  -- Rod McKuen


TT Productions & Harry Prongue, 
n association with Macha Theatre/Films 
presented the wo
rld premier of 
June 29 to Aug. 12, 2007. 
by David Galligan.

Starring: Nic d’Avirro, Judy Jean Berns,

Kasey Mahaffy and Megan Maureen McDonough

Production Stage manager: Adrian Tafoya
Casting: Michael Donovan, CSA
Casting Associate: Peter Matyas
Marketing and Publicity: David Elzer /DEMAND PR
Set Design: Dorian Vernacchio
Costume Design: A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Sound Design : Philip G. Allen
Lighting Design: Michael Zinman
House Manager: Jennifer Palumbo


Macha Theatre, (formerly The Globe Playhouse)

1107 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood (Next to Hugo’s Restaurant)

Thurs., Fri., Sat. at 8 p.m., Sun. at 3 p.m.

A 65-year-old doctor, husband and father meets a young man and comes out of the closet in a funny, heart-wrenching drama about the senior male as sex symbol, intergenerational relationships and female sexual dysfunction.

* * *

In 2005, Tim Turner produced TALES FROM HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD, an evening of eight short plays.  Six playwrights, seven directors and twenty actors enjoyed a showcase of their talents for 11 performances.  Turner's AFTER THREE DAYS was one of the plays produced.  It was directed by David Galligan. The show ran for one month, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from April 30 to May 22, 2005 at The Actors' Playpen in Hollywood.  Backstage West wrote a rave review about the show. The production was funded by a grant from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation.

* * *

IN 2004, as managing director of The Playwrights Group, Turner produced SEVEN PLAYWRIGHTS EXPOSING THEMSELVES, an evening of eight short plays, from April 17 to May 9, 2004 at The Gardner Stages in Hollywood.  Turner's VAMONOS was one of the plays produced.  It was directed by David Galligan.  The show ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for 11 performances, six of which were sold out.  Besides producing the work of seven members of The Playwrights Group, the production showcased the work of eight directors and eighteen actors. The production was funded by a grant from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation.